Prof. dr. Ulrike Felt - She has a broad interest in science and society. She played a big role in international research projects, for example being president of European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST, 2017-2021).
Furthermore, she has been a visiting professor at numerous universities among them: ETH Zürich and STS group at Harvard University.

In 1983 she obtained her PhD in theoretical physics from the university of Vienna. She went to work as a member of the interdisciplinary research team at CERN that analysed the societal, political and scientific aspect of this huge European collaboration. In 1988 Ulrike Felt returned to Vienna, to the Helga Nowotny Institute of Philosophy of Science and Science Research. About ten years later she received her habilitation in Sociology of Science.

Prof. dr. Felt is very involved in societal discussion about the role of science and technology in the contemporary world. On top of that, she is active in the field of European and Austrian policy advice.

Prof. dr. Ulrike Felt will be a speaker for both tracks.

Prof. dr. Renate Loll - Dr. Renate Loll is professor of theoretical physics at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and she holds a Distinguished Visiting Research Chair at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada.

She is one of the pioneers of a new approach to the non-perturbative quantization of gravity, that of ‘Causal Dynamical Triangulations’ which in recent years has produced a number of remarkable results. This approach is one of the attempts to obtain a theory of quantum gravity.

Dr. Renate Loll received her PhD from Imperial College London. She has worked as a Heisenberg Fellow at the Max-Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in Golm, Germany and she was professor at Utrecht University.

Furthermore, she is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and she is concerned with editorial tasks for different international journals.

Prof. dr. Renate Loll will be a speaker in the Physics and Astronomy track.

Dr. Michiel Baatsen - Dr. Baatsen’s research focuses on Dynamics Meteorology and Marine and Atmospheric Research.

Michiel Baatsen studied meteorology and has a PhD from Utrecht University and currently he is a junior assistant professor of Dynamics Meteorology in Utrecht.

Dr. Baatsen is not only engaged in meteorology through his research, in his free time is a storm chaser as well.

Dr. Michiel Baatsen will be a speaker of the physics and astronomy track.

ING -Model Development represented by Carla Giannina Inzerilli Model Validation represented by Anita Kohut COO Risk / assets & liquidity management represented by Tamas Gercsak and/or Benjamin Ma

Over the last couple of decades financial institutions have seen quite some changes, from new regulations to global and internal crises ING has been through it all.
Together with around 60,000 employees worldwide we have served more than 38 million clients in 40 countries globally. In order to keep providing the best services and products to our clients we are constantly innovating our systems, models, and processes. Subsequently, we are leaders in innovation and digitalisation.
Not only do we want to be leaders in innovation and digitalisation we also need to keep improving our systems each day. Due to the unpredictable world environmental regulations keep on changing and ING needs to stay compliant. Therefore systems need to be redesigned or completely developed from scratch. Although Financial Risk Management has seen many changes throughout the years, the financial institutions are not out of the heat.
So how do we stay ahead and more importantly, how do we make sure that we are compliant? Three teams, model development, model validation, and COO Risk will deep dive into these topics.

Dr. Subodh Patil - Dr. Patil is an assistant professor of particle cosmology at Leiden University. His research focuses on the early universe and how it originated in theories that go beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

After his PhD dr. Patil worked at CERN and the University of Geneva. Before he became an assistant professor at the Lorentz Institute in Leiden, he was doing research at the University of Copenhagen.

His research group uses the large scale structures present in the universe nowadays to research the origin.

Dr. Subodh Patil will be a speaker of the physics and astronomy track.

Prof. dr. Vincent Icke - He is one of few people in the Netherlands that is not only an exceptional lecturer and researcher, but also one of the most famous Dutch scientists.

At the moment he is an professor of theoretical astronomy at Leiden University, the institute where he earned his PhD in 1972 with a thesis on the formation of galaxies in clusters. He continued his research for several years at prestigious institutes for astrophysics at Cambridge University and Caltech.

Besides his academic work he is also an artist and he is committed to the popularisation of science with TV performances and books like “Reisbureau Einstein” and “Licht. Tussen waarheid en wetenschap”.,

Prof. dr. Icke will be a speaker of the Physics and Astronomy track.

Dr. James Grime - He is broadly known for his appearances in the most famous maths Youtube channel, Numberphile.
Dr. Grime is a mathematician with a great passion for maths communication and promotion of mathematics. Therefore he spends most of his time touring the world to give talks or on Youtube reaching millions of people.

James studied mathematics at Lancaster university. After obtaining his PhD from York university, he worked in research in combinatorics and group theory. Then he joined the Millennium Mathematics Project from the University of Cambridge and he ran The Enigma Project on their behalf to bring mathematics to life.

Besides his very successful Numberphile videos with which he reaches millions of people, James also reaches 12,000 people of all ages in the numerous talks he gives.

If you want to know more about James Grime: check out his Youtube channel "singingbanana"; his Numberphile videos; or just google him and enjoy all the other talks that are available.

Dr. James Grime will be a speaker for both tracks.


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