Welcome to the website of the Come to Life Symposium of De Leidsche Flesch.

On Wednesday March 25th 2020, the De Leidsche Flesch Symposium on life will take place. It is open for everyone to attend. The aim of the symposium is to give today's students an introduction to the broad range of science that can be conducted on life in the general sense of the word. We have tried to spread the speakers equally between physics, astronomy, mathematics and computer science. Everyone should thus find something they are interested in, but it can also be very good to listen to a lecture on something just outside of your studies. All talks will be in English.

The programme is to be announced, but lunch and dinner will be available. The lunch will be free if you attend the lectures and dinner will cost €3,- at max. You can sign up for the symposium and lunch/dinner at the regesitration form.

The time remaining until the event starts is: