The aim of this symposium is to give the students a broader view on the nowadays important subject of networks. We have tried to focus on all studies De Leidsche Flesch represents, so this means that for every student some of the lectures will be relevant for the study.

Most students have already seen networks. In Mathematics they already appeared in the first-years' course Caleidoscoop, in the application of graphs. In Computer Science they also appear in the first-years' course Algoritmiek, where we are trying to find a shortest path in a graph or network. In Physics and Astronomy there is the third-years' course Econophysics, which is focused on economic networks. Next to this, students of all departments can follow the course Complex Networks in their master. This course is completely focused on networks and is, like Complex Networks, showing different mathematical properties, as well as applications of networks.

From this we see that for every study, students can find courses that make use of networks all over their study. To show the importance of the networks, we have found speakers that have done research in subjects considering networks, and can explain both the broader aspects, as well as some applications of networks. We have tried not only to find researchers from our own departments, but also from other departments and from compagnies. We hope that this will help the talks being about subjects that are different from the ones you will come across while doing your own study.

The symposium would not have been possible without: